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How much will it cost?

The cost for orthodontic treatment is determined by the degree of difficulty of the problems, the length of time and appliances necessary for the correction. After braces, a 1 year active retention management is included in your treatment fee. Fees vary as each patient presents a different set of orthodontic problems that require an individualized treatment plan.

Our office is flexible in tailoring payment plans according to your needs. It is not uncommon for more than one member of the family to be in treatment at the same time. We offer a family discount when more than one person in the family is having treatment at the same time. We do accept insurance assignment and will be glad to assist you with any insurance questions.

Two basic types of payment plans are available:

1. A scheduled payment plan with our office that has an initial payment of around 15% of the total fee and the balance in monthly payments. Anticipated insurance is figured in the payments.

2. Full prepayment of the treatment fee with 10% discount.


In the Past:

Long ago, orthodontic treatment was available only to the wealthy. In the 1940's and 1950's, the cost for braces was as much as a luxury automobile. Today, the cost of braces is less than one tenth of that luxury automobile.

Orthodontics may be the best bargain in health care today, when you consider the lifetime benefits such as a beautiful smile and healthy bite, with the increased level of self-satisfaction and esteem. Why is it so affordable for most families today? The braces themselves have become much more sophisticated and "patient friendly". With new technology, braces have "prescriptions" built into them, reducing the need to bend wires for each tooth. Additionally, braces can now be bonded directly to the front surface of each tooth instead of having a metal band cemented totally around the tooth. These advances greatly reduce the total amount of time a patient must be in the dental chair.

The newest orthodontic wires available today are made of titanium. Titanium wires are "softer" and more gentle than the stiff steel wires traditionally used. As a result, titanium wires do not make your teeth nearly as sore and don't have to be adjusted as often. Appointments don't last nearly as long and the interval between appointments can be spaced 5-6 weeks apart. Your braces will still come off faster than with the old fashioned steel wires.

A very important factor in keeping costs to a minimum is the use in our office of Certified Orthodontic Assistants to assist Dr. Collins. These highly skilled professionals must pass a state certifying board exam to earn this achievement.

Dr. Collins’ orthodontics provides gentle treatment in the shortest amount of time with minimal interference in work or school schedules. Because of the technological advances explained above, we are able to offer treatment with a low initial payment for those patients who need or want such arrangements. Call our office to see how affordable great orthodontics can be!