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Guessing Jar

Can you guess how many items are in our guessing jar??

Congratulations to our most recent winners!
Wooden Nickels

To reward excellent cooperation in creating your beautiful smile, we created the Wooden Nickel Program. You can earn wooden nickels for:

On time appointment
Excellent brushing
Nothing broken
Wearing elastics

In addition, Dr. Collins wants to reward you for community achievements. For example, you can earn 5 wooden nickels for referring a friend when they come in for their initial exam. You can also earn 5 wooden nickels for all A's on your report card and/or for community service. Just bring in a short written summary of the project noting whom was helped.

We have many awards that can be purchased with wooden nickels such as orthodontic earrings, baseball cards, movie tickets, etc. etc.

Some patients save ‘em and others spend ‘em as quick as they get em! Which type of person are you?
Other prizes are available for a range of points. Prizes are subject to change and depend on availability and change of seasons.
We look forward to rewarding you for your hard work! With your effort and help in treatment, you'll be taking home a prize before you know it!
Pet Pictures for CASH
In March through May send us a unique picture of your pet. Dr. Collins will select the 3 most original and the winners will receive $30!
Summer Vacation Postcards

Awards will be given for postcards you send us this summer. We will give a prize for the:

1. Funniest
2. Largest
3. From the longest distance.