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You should brush your teeth 3-4 times per day, at least one of those times while looking into a mirror to remove all food and plaque completely. Thorough brushing is better that more frequent brushing where you miss areas. There are 3 steps to brushing properly with braces:

Step 1: First, brush the outside gum area of your teeth (the area between the brace and the gum) using a 45 degree angle of the brush head. This is an area that can become inflamed and bleed alot if neglected, so this step is very important.
NOTE: If your gums bleed when brushing this area, do not avoid that area. Continue stimulating the area with the bristles. After 3-4 days of doing this, your puffy raw gums will shrink up and stop bleeding, which is a good sign that your gums are healthy.

Step 2: Next, brush the inside gum area using the same 45 degree angle of your toothbrush head. It is important to be thorough in all steps by brushing ALL your teeth (not just the front teeth), a few teeth at a time.

Step 3: Brush the top (biting) edges of all your teeth. Also, be sure to brush ALL appliances in your mouth, always finish by brushing your tongue; this is an important area where bad breath starts.


Superfloss by Oral B is the recommended floss for patients with braces. A piece of Superfloss has 3 parts:

1) a stiff, straight end
2) a spongy central section
3) a normal floss end

Step 1: Pass the stiff end of the floss under the wire between two teeth.
Step 2: Make a C-shape against the brace on each side with the spongy part of the floss. This will clean the sides of the braces as well as in between, where alot of cavities tend to occur.
Step 3: Sneak the normal floss end carefully through the contact between the two teeth and pass up and down in a C-shape against each tooth.

Repeat all 3 steps for every tooth in your mouth. You should floss at least once per day. Always rinse your mouth after brushing and flossing.

Don't forget to use a fluoride rinse or a brush-on fluoride gel in the morning and right before bedtime every day.

Simple Essential Rules

While you are wearing your braces, remember these simple essential rules.

* Use a soft bristle to clean your teeth
* Brush three to four times a day
* Use super floss, made by Oral-B
* Use wax when braces irritate your mouth